Back on May 3rd, 2008 I wrote an article about how you could get DSL service from AT&T without having to pay for a land line connection. [See story here.] But it appears that AT&T are playing a shell game in which the consumer has to uncover the ‘pea’, but you may have some help from an article written over at the Consumerist. The article covers a tale of one consumers attempt to get DSL service without landline, only to run into a stone wall.

When reader Nick tried to sign up for ATT “naked DSL” or “dry loop” service (getting DSL without having paying for a landline), a curious thing happened.

AT&T said his address doesn’t exist. But when he went through the process to sign up for bundled service, more expensive, with landline phone service, magically, it could find his address.

Which jogged my memory of an email I received concerning a similar experience by another reader. So what is going on? It would appear that AT&T may not wish to make it easy to get DSL alone, naked, by itself, but it can be done. Here are a few suggestions to try before giving up.

So here’s the secret process Mike figured out:

1. Head to

2. Check Availability. If it gives you trouble (as if you don’t know where you live),

3. Check DSL availability via their main website as if you’re looking to purchase a bundle package. It checks a separate database. If it says you’re eligible:

a. Call 1-800-288-2020. Ask about “High Speed Internet Direct”, “dry loop” or “stand alone” DSL at your address. If you have equipment, ask them to waive the option to get a modem/router.

b. If they resist, call back until you get a CSR that’ll work with you.

If anyone has run into problems getting DSL from AT&T without a lineline, let us know. Also if you do try the above steps, lets us know your results, bad or good.

Comments welcome.