Face it, MS Exchange is not the most compelling groupware option in the world. Yet it has its teeth so deep into the enterprise market that other, seemingly more advanced alternatives are often being touted as positioning themselves for the kill. Speaking for myself, I do not believe we are in any real danger of seeing Exchange being overthrown anytime soon. Here is why.

  1. System administrators know what to expect. It has been my experience that most of them are not interested in “trying something new” to see how the infrastructure holds up.
  2. I can get access to an Exchange server just about anywhere. This means finding hosted solutions are plenty, which is keeping prices down for many users. Not speaking of the licensing mind you, rather the end user price to find a hosted solution that is cost effective instead of relying on the in-house IT team.
  3. Boring, but otherwise effective. There is no question that there are other groupware options such as PostPath, among other alternatives, that provide “better cost savings”. But as I have pointed out before, cost is relative when viewed through glasses of those looking for what is “known”. Options such as PosPath present change and some unknowns. While it may even be “better”, it has yet to genuinely prove that it is ready to create a stampede for Exchange users to begin looking at alternatives.

Am I nuts? Think I am wrong? Hit the comments, put me in my place. And after doing so, have a fantastic holiday weekend (holiday for US readers).