Utah is one of the first states that appears to be taking a serious look at natural gas as a replacement fuel for gasoline. The state has seen a 240% increase in consumers who are purchasing natural gas for their vehicles. But there is only one minor problem. Well, more like two minor problems.

Gas stations do not want to spend the high cost to convert their stations to natural gas, since there is a lack of vehicles to make it profitable. Car companies are reluctatant to produce natural gas burning vehicles because of a lack of gas stations. Also there is the fact that in the article:

Natural gas is especially cheap here, so that people spend about 87 cents for a quantity of gas sufficient to propel a car approximately the same distance as a $3.95 gallon of gasoline.

The article does explain why natural gas is so cheap in Utah:

Natural gas prices at the pump here are controlled and are the cheapest in the country, while the price of conventional gasoline is one of the highest.

I know that some readers here and also in speaking to others in my community, there seems to be a consensus that we need to use ALL types of different energies to break our reliance on oil. But is this a pipe dream?  Can we have cars running on ethanol, natural gas, propane gas, diesel, electricity and gasoline? All at the same time?

Which fuel would be most likely to win out in the end?

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