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Why didn’t AVG, Lavasoft and Comodo detect registry redirects?

Hi all

I’ve just spent the last week tearing my hair out with a terrible rogue dialler, browser hijack and virus. And, against my will, sending out thousands of emails along the lines of No More Teeny Man in Locker Room! and Discount Ci%lis.

Finally I solved it all in one morning, by getting Spybot into the computer via a pen drive. It immediately detected several registry entries redirecting sites such as this one to (as well as finding the dialers and a Firewall Bypass script.

I wonder why AVG, Lavasoft and Comodo didn’t detect these, even when booting in safe mode?


It all comes down to one simple principle that most of us already know. There is no one anti-virus program, one anti-spyware/malware software, one of any suite of protections that does it all. It is a combination of programs one needs to use, to keep your system free of bugs and critters. There are plenty of free programs available for us to use including many online programs we can use to scan our systems.

Bottom line – don’t trust your computer to any single group of protections.

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