Time management is one of this things that college students either excel at, or they miserably fail at.  My Google calendar has been a huge asset in helping me keep things organized.  Recently, I found a website that integrates wonderfully with Gmail and Google Calendar to help people manage time even more.

Remember the Milk  is a website that allows a user to organize and sort their tasks.  The tasks are then displayed by due date, and become more obvious if they are overdue.  Tasks can be given tags, due dates, priority levels, estimated time to completion and much more.

Remember the milk is totally free, but also has a premium service for $25 a year.  The premium service allows for integration with RIM Blackberries and other mobile devices.  However, the integration with Gmail and Google Calendar is completely free.

I have not yet tried to premium version of RTM, however it looks very promising.  This is a great website to checkout if you are looking for a web task list that integrates into other popular services.

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