The debate on why Firefox uses large quantities of RAM or seems to suck up CPU cycles has been going on for way to long. I usually steer clear of the arguments, since when I do mention the topic, I am reprimanded for being anti-Firefox, a Microsoft shill and other unkind names. 🙂 But I am a big boy and usually let this name calling just slide off of my back.

But I also know that for some of us who do still experience high RAM usage by Firefox that the problem is real. I have also tried disabling all of my add-ons which didn’t do anything. So the add-ons theory of causing high RAM usage goes to the way side, though in some cases could be the cause for some of you. But I want us Firefox uses to try something for me and to report back your results.

Here is what happened. During the day I normally leave Firefox open using 5 tabs which are my web site The Blade, Lockergnome, Google Adsense, Google homepage and a blank tab used for searching for stuff. This works well for me and I normally will hover around 100 MB of RAM usage with zero CPU cycles. So the other day when Lockergnome was down, both The Blade and Lockergnome itself were replaced with Chris’s site I didn’t give it much thought.

So while I was waiting for Lockergnome to come back up, I left the tabs open and continued to another chore. About an hour into using the system, it starting to experience a severe case of hard disk thrashing, slowed to a crawl and basically was on the verge of being useless. I opened task manager and noticed Firefox was using 99% of the CPU and a whopping 237 MB of RAM and still climbing. I closed down Firefox restarted and all was well, so I thought.

I opened up the same sites, which included and wham! CPU and RAM went off the scale. So here is what I would like you Firefox folks to try. Go to and open two tabs for the site and let us know what happens. Your time is appreciated and please share your thoughts.

Comments welcome.

PS I don’t think it is the site. Or is it?