The iPod Touch is just the beginning of touchscreen technology.  The invention of the iTouch has paved the way for bigger (or smaller?) and better touch screen enabled devices.  Out of all of the touch screen phones on the market, none seem to match the power of the iPhone – but Apple does not want to stop at phones; they want to take the technology to the next level.  One (of many) powerful example of Apple’s newest idea is to fuse multi-touch technology with voice commands:

Some of the image manipulation actions – like resize, move, rotate – are handled very well with multi-touch. But other tasks, like changing object color, inserting text, etc; are much easier accomplished by using voice input. By fusing these two inputs together – you can make all the process much faster and easier. Now you manipulate on screen objects with you fingers, and then just tell the object to “change color” or “insert text”. 

Link: Apple looks beyond Multi-Touch

This concept is beyond amazing, imagine how quickly image designers could work at designing new images – this technology would change the electronic industry in so many ways.  This concept reminds me of the computers used in the movie “Minority Report”.

What do you think – can Apple pull off this complex technology? I am interested in your comments.