Now that Google has brought Chrome to us, do not fall prey to all of the rhetoric that has filled the Internet. The headlines that says Chrome is a direct attack on IE or Firefox is 100% pure BS. The benchmark tests comparing the browsers are meaning less.

Chrome was just released and one major publication already had a 7 things I like and 7 things I dislike about the new browser. Amazing! How could anyone make that fast of a judgment call on a new product?  One of the listed 7 dislikes was laughable. The author said that Chrome didn’t have any extensions available similar to what Firefox offers.

Excuse me. Chrome is in beta. Beta means it is a test version. The purpose of beta software is to find problems by having the public test the new software. What does a lack of extensions have to do with anything?

Day 2  after Chrome was released found headlines that wanted us to believe that Chrome was going to be a IE or Firefox killer. Give me a frick-in break people. Chrome has a long way to go before it can even be compared to either IE or Firefox. Again, this is for testing purposes. Chrome is currently not a full replacement for either of the two well known browsers.

One other thought. Does anyone really believe that the current version of Chrome is the best Google has to offer?  One can only guess that this is just a preview of things to come.

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