Dell has finally released their much anticipated mini-9 netbooks that currently come in 3 models.

A Linux box starts at $349 and comes with a smallish SSD hard disk at only 4GB in size. Next comes a Windows XP system with 8GB of storage at $399. Both the Linux and Windows systems have 512 MB of memory. Finally comes what some can call as the deluxe system using Windows XP, 1 GB of memory and a SSD 16 GB for storage selling for $449.

The biggest benefit of netbooks is weight. These micro-mini systems weigh in at about 2 lbs each, give or take a few ounces. So what’s missing in the little guys? No optical drive is on board. Interesting.

But one needs to consider this. If you are not packing this lappy on a regular bases through airports and traveling a lot, does the mini-fit your needs? You can’t watch DVD’s on the small box and storage is limited. These little boys are designed for cloud computing.

Next is price. Take Dell’s $449 model. I can buy a full blown 15.4 Gateway for $549. So is it than worth the price for the mini?

You decide.

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