In case you missed Microsoft’s first commercial featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, you have to see it for yourself. Microsoft is planning on spending some $300 Million big bucks to counter the Apple ads that have compared the Vista operating system to a Mac. But the first commercial makes little sense and the attempt at humor is sadly lacking.

The story takes place in a shoe store where Bill Gates is trying on a pair of shoes which he is having trouble trying to get a good fit. In walks Jerry Seinfeld who helps Bill with his shoes and eventually gets Bill to fit into a size 10. Seinfeld makes mention that Gates is a ’10’. The funny part, I am guessing, is when Seinfield says he usually gets his shoes to fit by wearing them when he showers. It ends with Bill and Jerry walking through a parking lot and Jerry asks Bill to give him a sign and Gates wiggles his butt to the camera.

Am I missing something? This is really a sad commercial and what to me doesn’t even address the problem. What is the problem for Microsoft? Trying to convenience the masses that Vista isn’t as crappy as some people think.

Apple 1  Microsoft 0

Take a look at the commercial on You Tube and see what you think.

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 Commercial is here.