A Portland, Oregon family was in a shock when received their phone bill from AT&T. Seems that their son was on vacation in Vancover, Canada and was using his laptop with an Aircard to send photo’s and emails to family members. There was just one small problem. Since he was out of the U.S. he was racking up international rates while he used his lappy.

The fees topped out at $19,370 for the month. Needless to say the family was in shock when they got their cell phone bill.  The article also states:

 The AirCard allows users to connect to e-mail, the Internet and business applications while traveling, according to AT&T’s Web site. On the Terry family’s bill, they were charged international fees for the service.

The Terry family said they asked an AT&T employee about the service before their son left the country. They said they were told nothing about international fees.Dave Terry also said they were never contacted by the company to be alerted of the high fees.

You know that small print in our cell phone contracts that none of us reads? Maybe it is time to check our contracts and see what fees and rates apply when we are out of the U.S. proper.

I am sure that AT&T will refund all of the charges since the family obviously made a slight mistake. 🙂

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