In previous articles I have mentioned how some companies were throttling back on their broadband services, in an attempt to curb what some call ‘broadband hogs.’ While I can understand the thinking of some teleco’s and cable companies in their quest to limit the ‘hogs’, I can also see where Metered Broadband, may end up hurting both businesses and consumers alike.

The first thing we need to look at is how the United States is already falling behind the those who are connected to broadband, compared the world. The U.S. now ranks 15th in consumers who have broadband access. So while the teleco’s and cable companies  are embracing metered broadband, there doesn’t seem like any of the major players are concerned about expanding their broadband service to more rural areas.

Companies such as Netflix are introducing movie on demand services in order to provide better and faster service to their customers. By metering broadband, this could possibly stop Netflix and others from adding additional movie services.

I am not a big fan of government intervention into any aspect of our lives. But sometimes businesses who fail to provide services for the common good of all, may need to be looked into. The FCC has a perfect right to know why broadband isn’t being offered to more consumers here in the U.S. and also if metering of services is beneficial to consumers or only pads the pockets of the teleco’s and cable operators.

What do you think?

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