Over at Newsweek there is an article that compares Apple to Microsoft, stating Apple is like Microsoft was 10 years ago. The article states that it is not the 11% market share that Apple has, but its the commanding lead in the iPod, iTunes and iPhone. Using additional data the article goes on to state:

 A year ago a small company called Vudu was winning rave reviews for its dynamite little box that attaches to the TV and downloads movies from the Internet. Vudu had advantages over Apple TV: it had a larger catalog of movies, you could rent movies instead of buying them and you didn’t need to download the films to a PC first before watching them.

 In January Apple struck back, introducing a vastly expanded catalog of movie titles, which it started renting, as well as selling. And it came out with a new, cheaper version of the Apple TV box that matched most of Vudu’s features. Now Apple is selling or renting more than 50,000 movies a day, and Vudu is laying off staff. A spokeswoman for Vudu says the company is doing fine. I will point out only that this is what Microsoft’s victims used to say, too.

Why is it when a company is successful at a given task, they immediately are open to attack for their success? If Apple is trying to be like Microsoft, why is Microsoft the one trying to defend its turf with their new Gates – Seinfeld ads? Id Apple is like Microsoft, wouldn’t it than make sense for Apple to offer clones of their computers and operating system to bury Microsoft?

What do you think?

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