I have only bought one item from Best Buy, which was a plasma TV I purchased last November. The main reason I bought the unit was price, price and price. They were having a Black Friday super sale, plus I had a 10% off coupon they honored, which made the deal even sweeter.

So I was surprised when I received an email from Best Buy saying I was eligible for the super Premier Black program that was for their best customers.  In fact the email stated I was an ‘elite’ customer. Gee. I was impressed.All I had to do was buy one TV and I’m a top customer.

The program itself offers members plenty of perks, incresed rewards and a host of other features that sounded pretty good. But today I got this from Best Buy:

The Best Buy® Reward Zone® program is always looking at ways to make our program even better for our members. Today, you may have inadvertently and inaccurately received the below message during an initial email testing process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. You continue to maintain your current membership status. If you are eligible for the Reward Zone program Premier Black test that will run in a limited number of select markets, we will notify you by a separate email.

Sniff. I was ready to run down to Best Buy and buy something just to receive my super rewards. 🙂 Oh well.

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