You have got to love it. GM is working hard at making the Chevy Volt a reality for the American public. So there is much interest if GM can pull it off by 2010. Rumor has it that GM may unveil the real deal on September 15 &16, 2008, which is the Centennial for GM and they are planning a huge celebration.

The Volt is going to be an electric powered vehicle which you plug in to charge and supposedly will run for about 40 miles per charge. Included is a small gas engine to supplement the electric if a longer trip is planned.  At the website that is showing the sneak peek of the Volt, there was one interesting comment.

The poster stated that there is no way the Arabs will allow GM to produce this vehicle and that they would buy GM to keep it off the market.

What do you think of the Volt? Will it actually go into production?

Comments welcome.

Sneak peek Chevy Volt