Germany is not happy with the launch of Google Chrome; in fact, they have issued a warning to German citizens advising them not to use Chrome.

The Federal Office for Information Security warned internet users of the new browser Chrome. The application by the company Google should not be used for surfing the internet, as a spokesperson for the office told the Berliner Zeitung. It was said to be problematic that Chrome was distributed as an unfinished advance version. Furthermore it was said to be risky that user data is hoarded with a single vendor. With its search engine, email program and the new browser, Google now covers all important areas on the internet. 

Link: Google Chrome Receives Heavy…

It seems to me that Germany is upset that Google has an Internet browser solely because they now have products in all major areas of the world-wide-web.  However, I do not see how this is any different from Microsoft having a monopoly over the Operating System and basic software (Office) world.  I do not see Germany issuing a warning to not use Microsoft products because they have too many products for computers.

I am a firm believer in people using what products they find easy for them.  It does not matter who owns it or who you are supporting.  If you are a mac fan but love Microsoft Office; use Office on a Mac.  If you are an Apple iPod fan, but hate Apple computers; all the power to you.  Telling people not to use a product just because a company has ‘too many good products already’ is not a very smart thing to do.