Over the past month and a half or so, we have had some tremendous API submissions  before the API contest came to an end. Some of the API apps created were designed for localized installation, while in other cases API submitters used server side solutions powered by such programming languages as PHP.

Today, I would like to present another WeatherBug API submission powered by PHP, but further illustrating just how far one can use PHP to provide the local weather in some very unique ways.

Attached with this link, you will find the documentation for how this implementation of the API works, how it can be used for your own needs, along with using it as you see in the image above or in a more customized format for your website as a wrapper. The wrapper’s basic functionality includes:

  • Live Weather
  • Forecast
  • WeatherBug Cameras

Interested in the source code? Want to take it for a test drive yourself? You can grab it from this link here.