This should not come as any surprise, but watching a computer screen can in some cases, cause vision problems.  It is also apparent that people using smaller screens like PDA’s, cell phone texting and games also add to the problem. So now here is the question.  Are you a victim of CVS?

Well according to the article in The Bay City Times 82% of computer and gadget users suffer from CVS – Computer Vision Syndrome. The article states:

“Computer vision syndrome is basically symptoms that someone can get after extended computer use … meaning more than two to three hours a day,” she said.

More than 82 percent of Americans frequently work with a computer or a PDA, according to the American Optometric Association’s 2007 American Eye-Q survey, which identified Americans’ attitudes and behaviors regarding eye care and related issues. Supporting this, an Omnibus survey commissioned by the AOA earlier this year showed 42 percent of respondents spend three or more hours a day in front of a computer or hand-held device.

If watching one computer screen causes vision problems, would watching 3 monitors pose 3 times the risk? 🙂 Just joking people!

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