The folks over at Digg are offering their own toolbar for Firefox users. The toolbar is available for a free download from the Digg site. Included in the toolbar is the ability to see if a story has already been submitted to Digg and also includes a submit button as well. The toolbar can also be adjusted to view all Digg stories or just the stories you are intested in. Digg also states:

Follow Your Friends

A great way to discover the best content is to see what your friends are doing on Digg. Enter your Digg username in the settings window to receive notifications when you friends Digg, submit, or comment on stories. To go back and look at earlier notifications, click the Digg icon at the status bar at the bottom of the browser. All notifications can also be snoozed if you want to temporarily turn them off.


In addition to setting topics for notifications of popular stories and your Digg username for notifications of friends’ activity, you can customize the placement of the notification window, how long it displays, and how links should be opened.

You can get your free Digg toolbar at the link below.

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Digg toolbar for Firefox