Does it hurt every time you fill up the gas tank in your car, truck, or SUV? What if I told you there was a gimmick-free way to increase your gas mileage? What if I told you that you could easily save 20% or possibly more, without changing anything more than your attitude?

By now, you may be sick and tired of reading the same gas saving tips, over and over. You’ve heard them all before. Once you’ve taken all the junk out of your trunk, changed your air filter, and properly inflated your tires, avoided jackrabbit starts, planned ahead, left early, rolled up the windows, turned off the air conditioning, shifted into the highest gear, what else could you do?

It’s scary how simple this trick is to implement. It’s so frighteningly easy that I debated waiting until Halloween, before sharing.

Resource: A Simple Way to Increase Gas Mileage