I’m not a huge fan of shopping, however, I do enjoy it on certain occasions. You see, I’m the type of shopper that likes to know exactly what I’m getting before I even go to the store. Browsing endlessly for items to purchase is just not my thing, and when I go shopping, I can usually find everything I need within a matter of minutes. One of the daunting aspects of shopping online for me is that there are thousands upon thousands of items in many online product catalogs, and it may take me quite some time to find what I want. The thing that’s nice about Veedow is that it enables me to shop without even searching. 

It does this by offering personalized shopping recommendations. By learning what you like, Veedow can try and suggest other items that you might be interested in. In other words, the service has already done the hard work for you. You can also comment on items, bookmark what you’re interested in, add stuff that you want to your wish list, upload your own content, and network with people who like the same things as you.