As of today, I am officially a home owner – my wife and I just closed on our new house today. And with that, comes FiOS installation along with all of the fun that comes with a new move. Good stuff. Yet due to other recent events, I have found myself using a hotspot compatible VPN option as I had what you might consider to be a rather abrupt data intrusion that came about from my data being unencrypted during my time using a public hotspot. Needless to say, I have begun taking steps to correct this. And this brings me to an important question – when connecting to a VPN service targeting the wifi hotspot audience, connecting over PPTP (Windows VPN), is there any damage done to my privacy by using OpenDNS for my DNS servers?

As it turns out, one can indeed apparently connect to a VPN and use OpenDNS servers. However I have only done so in testing as I need to be 100% that I am not comprimising the point of the VPN tunnel by using these DNS servers over that of what my VPN provider might be providing otherwise.

So let’s have it VPN/security experts out there, help me to set this straight once and for all. Comment to this thread so that I can be sure that using OpenDNS servers for DNS is not simply defeating the purpose of using the VPN tunnel in the first place. Thanks everyone!