I just learned not too long ago that my younger brother is upgrading to an Alienware PC. Which one you ask? Apparently, the Aurora the model he selected. And yes, he wisely chose Windows XP as his choice OS as he really did not have time to roll the dice with his existing games and whether or not they were going to present compatibility issues.

The machine he selected looks like it is going to be a heck of a lot better than my own, this is for sure. But I have to wonder – why not Falcon Northwest? Outside if it not being as well known of a brand, I think the completely overly done Flash website might have something to do with it.

Now Alienware also tends to over do it with Flash, but I do not find my cursor changing into cross hairs, spend time wating for some immaterial animation to complete so I can get on with things. Overall, Falcon Northwest has fantastic PCs and a really lousy website in my honest opinion.

Seriously, considering the fact that I am a fan of Falcon Northwest, it really pains me to say that. But I find the finished page, after all of the animation crap with the bird completing, to be the way the page ought to load. Am I wrong?Are we trying to target kids with ADD here? Come on!