I spent a few minutes today looking at various headlines while trying to decide what to blog about.  I came across a article that talks about TiVo and RIM (BlackBerry) working together on TiVo controls from your BlackBerry.

At first I thought that I would be able to control my TiVo with my BlackBerry (a sort of universal remote I suppose).  However, after further reading I found it was even better than that.  RIM and TiVo are teaming up to allow BlackBerry users to schedule recordings on their TiVo from their BlackBerry phone.

“TiVo subscribers will soon be able to wirelessly control their TiVo DVRs using a BlackBerry smartphone–anytime, anywhere–and that is a powerful example of how our respective technologies can complement each other to serve our mutual customers,” Jim Balsillie, Research In Motion co-CEO, said in a statement.

 Link: TiVo control coming to BlackBerry

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to class or work and realized that I forgot to TiVo a show.  This is happening more often now that shows are starting up for the fall season.  I can only hope that the record setting takes place near instantly when trying to record a program.

Currently, TiVo subscribers can sign onto their TiVo account online and pick programs to record.  However, it takes up to 24 hours for the TiVo box in your house to download the request from the internet (the TiVo box connects to the TiVo servers once a night for updates).

This is a great idea by both RIM and TiVo, and I am interested to see where they take the concept.

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