What do you do when your wife’s body is to be flown home and you are at the airport and the body doesn’t arrive? How about if the Airline can’t find the body for 4 days? Needless to say the family was slightly peeved at American Airlines when they couldn’t find the corpse. In a country where frivolous lawsuits are common, this lawsuit against the airline appears to have merit.

The saga began when a man had lost his wife to pelvic cancer. He made arrangements to have the body shipped from the US to their home country of Ecuador via American Airlines. The man and his daughter flew home first and waited for the arrival of the deceased. But at the airport the body could not be found. After a search around the country, the corpse was finally located and arrived some 4 days later. The body was not refrigerated during transport and apparently, according to the story, was showing signs of decomposition. The story also states:

When Teresa’s body finally arrived late at night on April 4, Olaya saw that it hadn’t been property refrigerated.

“When I opened the casket, it was a terrible shock,” said Olaya. “I still can’t get it out of my mind”

“They treated the body like a piece of baggage,” said lawyer Christopher Robles, who said his client was seeking an unspecified seven-figure sum. “They didn’t keep it refrigerated.”

A spokeswoman for the airline said the company could not comment on pending litigation.

I could not even imagine having this happen to one of my loved ones. It would appear that American Airlines better get out their checkbook.

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