Most of us will agree that the new Netbooks will make lugging that laptop through airports and while traveling easier than their heavier laptop cousins. But I read an article that seems to indicate that Netbooks are limited. The author states that without Internet access, the Netbooks are nothing more than scratch pads. But is this assessment accurate?

Isn’t any computer without Internet access limited on what it can do? Without Internet access some of the more common functions of a computer are lost. Without email, surfing the Internet and having the ability to sync with a corporate network limits the functions of any user. But what about gadgets like the iPhone? Aren’t they limited as well if a connection to the Internet can not be made?

I believe that any device, no matter what it is, is limited is many ways without a Internet connection. The author also stated:

“I am convinced this class of products will sing when WiMax comes
out,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at The Enderle Group. “It
kind of depends on … being always connected. As a disconnected
device, outside of email and word processing, it’s not quite as

“It’s more focused on the future than on the present.”

By eschewing video editing, the ability to play DVDs, or power
gaming, these users forgo the need for cutting-edge chip speed or tons
of hard-drive storage capacity, and the extra cost they require. 

I think that Netbooks will fill in where laptops have left off. The Netbooks will shine when users start to use cloud computing and learn how to rid themselves of a hard drive packed with file, no matter if they are photo’s or audio files, and learn how to store these files off of the computer system. Also the new SSD will reduce computer failure and the loss of information, if the information is stored remotely.

To me, this to be is what the Netbook is all about.

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