Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, promises that their Ubuntu Linux is set for a large improvement. His thinking is that Ubuntu needs to develope a better user experience and with this in mind, has hired a group of developers to work on the project. On his blog he states that that the companies goal is to deliver a user experience similar to what Apple offers and that these changes will occur in the next two years.

This seems like a huge undertaking for the company, but if anyone can do it, Mr. Shuttleworth stands the best chance. He further states that:

 There’s also recognition for the scale of the challenge that faces us. When I laid out the goal of “delivering a user experience that can compete with Apple in two years” at OSCON, I had many questions afterwards about how on earth we could achieve that. “Everyone scratches their own itch, how can you possibly make the UI consistent?” was a common theme. And it’s true – the free software desktop is often patchy and inconsistent. But I see the lack of consistency as both a weakness (GNOME, OpenOffice and Firefox all have different UI toolkits, and it’s very difficult to make them seamless) and as a strength – people are free to innovate, and the results are world-leading. Our challenge is to get the best of both of those worlds.

If Canonical is able to pull this off, it will be a shot in the arm for Linux and may just convince some Window users to make the switch. But we will have to wait and see just how well Ubuntu will compare to Apple’s flagship operating system. I must admit that this does look promsing.

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