When Grisoft released their new version of their popular free edition of AVG anti-virus, there were many complaints posted on the Internet. Some people were so upset that they actually gave up on AVG and went to another program. So when I read in the October 2008 edition of PC World, which still recommends AVG free edition as part of a security suite of programs, it made be wonder what users feel about the new 8.0 edition.

I have installed AVG on about a dozen systems without any issues. Of course, this was after waiting for a month or so to get a updated edition that cured some of the ills that plagued the original release. I have also used a trick to turn off the notification area, which I personally found extremely annoying. Do a Google and you can locate this trick or read my original article here. Just a quick note. There is more than one way to eliminate the notification area.

But my question is this. If you have upgraded to AVG 8.0, are you still having problems? Did you just give up and use another software program?

Comments welcome.