Over at the Chromium Developers Documentation web site, there is some interesting information for you to read which Google has provided. In this one statement, we could be seeing what Google may be offering us in the future.

The tab is our equivalent of a desktop application’s title bar; the frame containing the tabs is a convenient mechanism for managing groups of those applications. In future, there may be other tab types that do not host the normal browser toolbar.

Have you noticed how plain Chrome is? How there are few menu’s compared to other browsers? How Chrome almost appears invisible when using it compared to other browsers?

Though some consider Chrome as ‘just another browser’, the basics of Chrome is that Google is designing it to run web applications. Applications that already will incorporate their own shortcuts, menus and status bars.

Instead of concentrating on more features for the browser, Chrome offers simplicity instead which makes the Google browser lessĀ  of a resource hog plus makes it faster bringing up sites. Advanced users may not appreciate the simplicity of Chrome.

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