Back In January of this year, Scot Finnie of Scot’s Newletter wrote a lengthy review of Online Armor Firewall, which he felt was the best firewall on the market. Scot wrote a glowing report on how he felt that OAF was better than Comodo or other firewalls that he tested. I trust Scot’s opinion and tried OAF, which I found easy to use, but with only one minor problem.

Before I proceed I must state that the OAF edition I used was the free version so my remarks have nothing to do with the paid versions that are offered. For the most part OAF runs without incident. It is light on resources and blocks traffic in and out, which is an improvement over the firewall that comes with Windows XP. For those that are using Vista, it also has the ability to block traffic both ways.

So why is blocking traffic both ways important? The theory is that if your systems gets a bug, it will not be able to call home like ET did.  The only problem, or I should say annoyance is that OAF pops up anytime traffic is moving back and forth. This little annoyance is a small price to pay for a software that is free for use.

But what I would like to hear about is your opinion. What do you think of OAF? Let us know.

Comments welcome.

Scot’s review here.