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So, I wanted to hook up a second screen to my iMac. Leave it to Apple to use a mini-DVI port instead of a full fledged DVI port; but don’t worry, Apple makes a $20 cable that will do what the iMac should have done all along. Now, I fully expected to spend quite a bit on cables, because that’s usually what you have to do with things such as monitors, but this cable is above-and-beyond ridiculous. The cable, in question, is a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter, made by Apple. To be fair, there is an exact replica pumped out by Dynex. To start with, the cable is only two inches long, which means that you’ll be buying an extension cable if you have any intention of reaching the second monitor. There is no way to secure the Mini-DVI end of the cable to the back of the iMac, leaving it free to slip out as soon as you reach the final boss of your favorite instance (insert more generic gaming geek references here). Come on Apple, you make wonderful products, but you find so many minute ways to suck.