Need more computing power? Cray and Microsoft have teamed up to bring you a super computer which they state will fit inside of a small closet. The new super computer uses Microsoft’s HPC Server 2008 operating system and according to this article will eventually be on sale at Amazon. Price? A cool $25 grand. Not bad for a super computer that will make you the envy of your family and friends. 🙂

According to this article:

For the first time in the two companies history, Microsoft and Cray have teamed up to offer a powerful mix of what each company does best – – the Cray CX1!  What is the CX1, you ask?  It’s a compact supercomputer running Windows HPC Server 2008, that’s what. It’s the most affordable supercomputer Cray has ever offered, with prices starting at $25,000. This exciting new product is available today and is being announced by Microsoft, Cray and a few others via live webcast at 8:00am, check it out!   

It’s high performance and productivity computing that meets the needs of users, IT pros and developers by providing a highly integrated, familiar environment that is the right size and price for departmental and workgroup needs. The CX1 combines compute, storage, and visualization in a single integrated system that’s designed for non-traditional environments like labs, offices. If space is a problem, not to worry, it’s compact enough to fit in a broom closet.

How can you get one?! It’s as easy as shopping on  Customers can go online, order the CX1 system using a configurator and pay with credit card. If that’s not making supercomputing mainstream, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it. If your need for speed is not being menat by the standard computer from the OEM’s, get your self your very own super computer.

Only one question? I wonder how many folks have a credit card that will support a $25K charge. Do you?

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