No matter who you are, you have knowledge that can benefit other people. While you may not think of yourself as being unbelievably smart, just reflect on the things that you have a lot of experience with. More than likely, that experience can be shared in different ways. On the Internet, people turn to blogs to share their knowledge with a worldwide audience in written format, but this means that people have to be able to find your content in the midst of billions of other Web pages. Depending on what you want to write, it may be best to contribute your knowledge to a resource that specializes in information, and Google’s Knol obsesses over these units of knowledge. 

When you publish something through a resource that is backed by Google, you know that it’s going to be able to be discovered, and that’s important. You’re in control of your contributed articles, and you can even make money through AdSense integration. Readers can also comment on and review your content, so by sharing what you know with the world, you’ll be able to see if people react favorably to what you have to say.