The Apple iPhone is the darling of the technology industry. But there is a new kid heading our way from Google and company, using the new Android software. It seems that the first Google phones should start showing up next month, at least this is the word on the street. But what will be interesting is what phone eventually will be the winner and end up in our pant pockets [or purse for the ladies].

Depending on which estimates you wish to consider, the new phone could sell a half a million units by the end of the year. That figure is just a guess by analysts. But the new phone could even exceed that number. According to this article from the Wall St. Journal, which states:

Anticipation around the phone — the first based on Android — has been mounting for months, and the companies face pressure to impress. The Federal Communications Commission granted authorization for the HTC Dream, which enables T-Mobile to market it, last month.

While the phone is targeted at the same sort of technology-savvy consumers who have been buying iPhones, it has a very different look and feel. It is expected to be heavier than the iPhone, according to people familiar with it, and it is likely to have a large touch screen, a swivel-out full keyboard and a BlackBerry-style trackball to help with navigation.

Will you be in the market for a Google phone? Or will you stick with another device. Let us know.

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