Over the weekend I received an email from an old client who asked my advice about buying a USB hard disk for backing up. So I took a spin around the Internet and found this deal over at NewEgg. This Fujitsu has several features that makes this unit kind of user friendly. [I hate that term!] But the unit is powered by the USB port itself and does not need an adapter. Plus the USB cord is built in to the unit with an retractable cord. Nice touch.

The unit also features the following:


Ultra Portable
Lightweight, compact and self-powered, the Fujitsu RE25U300J external hard drive provides an ultra-portable storage solution for your home computer.
300GB Storage
The excessive 300 GB storage capacity stores your movies, music and applications for easy sharing with your friends and is perfect for backing up your system.
Extensive Shock Mounting
Incorporating a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system, the Fujitsu RE25U300J external hard drive provides solid protection for your data against unintentional dropping or shaking on the go.
Integrated USB Connector
The Fujitsu RE25U300J external hard drive features an integrated USB connector to eliminate cable mess for the ultimate mobility and convenience.

The price is $99.99 and includes free 3 day shipping. Only downside I see is that the drive spins at 4200 rpm, though the reviews did not indicate that this hindered the drives performance. If you are looking for a large drive [300 GB] at a reasonable price, this may be for you.

Comments welcome.

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