During the past month or so, there seems to be threats of some type of an investigation being requested, to investigate the Google-Yahoo deal. Hold it right there. This is a total crock.

We have a government in which no one even saw this housing and mortgage mess coming.  A government that employees people to oversee banking, finance and other economic factors in this country and this idiots didn’t know that loaning money to people who couldn’t pay it back was going to be a total disaster? A government with a President and Congress that was asleep at the switch.

No problem. The government is going to bail out the financial institutions like Freedie Mac and Fannie Mae with billions of dollars.  As long as Bank of America can bail out the other institutions, all should be just peachy. But when is an investigation going to figure out who is behind this mess? Countrywide seems like a good place to start.

Instead of investigating legitimate businesses that wish to work together, isn’t it about time to investigate the crooked businesses first?

What do you think?

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