The train accident in Los Angeles is going to bring up a very important subject. The investigation seems to indicate that the engineer was texting while operating the train. The accident was caused when the train blew past a red light signal and crashed into a freight train. The result cost the engineer his life plus the lives of 25 others.

California had just passed a no cell use while driving law which took effect on July 1, 2008. The law permits cell use using a hands free device. What was funny about the law is that it did not prohibit text messaging. But what needs to be addressed is at what point should the cell phone be totally outlawed for use?

In an article about the train crash, it states that:

National Transportation Safety Board investigators plan to check cell phone records to determine whether an engineer accused of blowing through a stop signal was texting at the time of the Los Angeles crash Friday. The engineer was among those killed in the crash.

Two boys told a local television station the engineer sent them a message just before the crash.

It seems that kids hang out near the train tracks and text the engineer as the trains go by. Which in itself appears harmless. Or is it? Should cell phones be outlawed for use by any person operating any type of vehicle or machinery of any type?

What do you think?

It makes one wonder how any of us communicated with the world before cell phones.

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