To any Playstation 3 owners that use [email protected] there’s a update for that service. Now [email protected] is now going to upgrade to Life with Playstation. Now you may be wondering where did [email protected] go, well it’s still there [email protected] will still run in the background as you are using the new Life with Playstation Service.  If any of you guys have a Wii you guys might have the Weather and the News Channel and that’s what pretty much what Life with Playstation is. Sony decided to upgrade the service so PS3 owners can now check for the latest news reports and also check weather all from there PS3 and while doing that you are also helping out Stanford University by using the [email protected] Service so they can work towards curing diseases by using the power of your PS3 that your not using while you are in the Life with Playstation service instead of leaving your PS3 on like before. The Playstation Blog talks about the new service so if you want, you can check it out and there’s also a video click here to go there. So PS3 owners, if you needed something so you can check your news and weather this might be something for you to check out and also help out with [email protected] at the same time. Yeah it’s pretty much copying the Wii but at least Sony is trying to have people do something while using [email protected] instead of leaving the console on like before. To get Life with Playstation just go to Network on your XMB (Xross Media Bar) and you should see [email protected] go into that and it should tell you if you want to upgrade or not and just update and there you go.