Since 2001 there has been a general consensus that cell phones are dangerous to use while driving resulting in some 28 states proposing and/or adopting laws that prohibit normal cell phone use when driving. That means that driver’s who are dependent on being able to keep in touch with family, friends, or work need another method of communicating.

The Bluetooth headset’s gold standard version is an updated version of Aliph’s Jawbone 2 that is found at for a mere $129.99. It’s new design looks like a hair accessory which is a bonus for the women out there who want to be technically up-to-date while avoiding that I have a headset in my ear look.

Another advantage of the Bluetooth technology is that it eliminates the need to fumble with difficult button sequences, a plus that you can also find with the BlueAnt VI found at for $119.99. The BlueAnt model does have one advantage over other models, however, in that it is controlled by voice commands and talks back to you.

One problem for some drivers who wish to use this technology is that their cars are cluttered and it is easy to lose the headset. To respond to this issue Motorola has designed the H620 model headset that has its own dashboard holder which will be out later in September, 2008. Amazingly, this unit is only $59 and can be found at

However, for my money I would choose the Jawbone 2 which virtually separates speech from background road noise making it easier to concentrate on your driving since you aren’t distracted by struggling to hear what the person is saying on the other end of the headset.