When it comes to my mouse and keyboard, I am fairly particular. Not so much on the brand per se, rather to the degree of comfort the peripherals can provide. With the mouse, I generally like to see a comfortable arch for my palm with a simple three button configuration. Wired or wireless? Generally wired as I find them to be more accurate; laser or optical are fine. Then we come to the keyboard. Without question, I am all about i-rocks keyboards – period. Nothing else will do for me personally.

What about the hardcore users? Well some people such as Pirillo, have opted for the Optimus Maximus keyboard and others still, are seeking out possibilities with the new Microsoft Arc (TM) Mouse.

So about all of you? What mouse and keyboard combo are you hooked on? Do you even have a preference at all? Whatever it may be, hit the comments and share your own peripheral choices with us.