When I was younger I used to write in a journal, however, that didn’t last long. After a few entries, I lost interest and moved on to other things. Who would have known back then that journals would experience a rebirth online as blogs? Now we just can’t seem to get enough of these online journals. Information that used to be private is now being shared with a worldwide audience. Penzu goes back to the basics by giving you an online journal that feels authentic and can be controlled in the way that you want. 

Your thoughts are written down on a digital representation of notebook paper, which is very fitting. All you have to focus on is writing in your journal because Penzu will automatically save your work. Images can also be inserted to enhance your journal entries since text doesn’t always do the trick. Even though you may want to keep your Penzu journal private most of the time, there could be certain entries that you wouldn’t mind sharing with other people, and you can do this both transparently and anonymously.