Back in 1986 Geraldo Rivera hosted a special that was broadcasted live from the Lexington Hotel, in Chicago, IL. This live broadcast was hyped to the point that the curiosity of America was brought into the hotel with an estimated 30 million viewers. The hype was all about a safe located in the basement which allegedly belonged to Al Capone. Rivera made outlandish statements of what could be located inside the safe, including that the safe could contain dead bodies inside. The hype was heightened since a medical examiner stood by, just in case a body was found and also agents from the IRS in case a hoard of cash was found.

Talk about excitement. The two hour special went past the allocated 2 hours, since there was some type of a problem getting the safe open. So there America sat eyes glued to the TV, waiting for the magic moment when the safe was open. Long story short, when the safe was opened it was empty except for some debris, which Rivera tried to turn into something out of nothing.

This kind of reminded me of what Happened to Microsoft with Vista. They hyped the new operating system way to much making us think we would be in a state of WOW!, when we were more like YAWN. 🙂 As more and more features were removed from the OS, our hope dwindled. So now Microsoft is trying, lamely I may add, to try and revise our opinion of Vista. Whether that will wok or not remains to be seen.

So what about Windows 7? Will hype help or hinder the new OS? Should Microsoft be cautious in what they reveal about the new OS?

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