Most everyone accepts that there were only two original Google founders. Those two are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. That was it up until now. Now a third person is now coming forward to now cliam that he was also a founder of the page rank system. So where has this person been for the past 10 years?

Well according to his uTube video, he left the two to pursue his PH.d and never looked back. Strange. This person wants us all to believe that during the past 10 years he has failed to see how much money Google was making and it didn’t dawn on him that he may be entitled to a share? What did he get his PH.d in? Stupidity?

In the article it states:

Hubert Chang claims that as an NYU Ph.D student in 1997 he was introduced to Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin by Stanford professor Rajeev Motwani. He then helped the two come up with PageRank (the underlying algorithm that powers Google’s search engine), the name Google, and even the business plan.

So why wasn’t his name on the original PageRank paper? Because, he says, he decided to pursue his Ph.D instead. Then when he did finish his Ph.D n 2002 and contacted Google, he got the big brush off from Larry and Sergey’s handlers. (Surprise, surprise). Remember, boys and girls, always ask for a byline.

Anyway, Mr. Chang now is stepping forward and wants to be known as the ‘third’ founder. Whether this is a hoax is anyone’s guess. Only Google knows the real truth.

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