The new phone is here featuring Android software from Google. The G1 basically looks similar to Apple’s now famous iPhone. On their site the new phone is advertised at $179.99 plus taxes and fees. The purchase also requires a 2 year commitment to T-Mobile as well. Sounds famaliar. 🙂

On their site T-Mobile describes their phone as:

T-Mobile is committed to helping our customers richly connect with those most important to them, and innovation is the foundation of that mission. In 2007, T-Mobile became a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance, an initiative that is strongly committed to greater openness in the mobile industry. T-Mobile supports increased openness because it will foster rapid innovation to best meet consumer demands.

The T-Mobile G1 with Google is the first commercially available phone to run on the ‘Android’ operating system, which empowers developers with tools to create and offer consumers applications that add value to their lives. This is one of many initiatives T-Mobile is working on to lead the industry in bringing real innovation to wireless customers.

I highly recommend that you check the T-Mobile site to make sure your area is covered. It appears that there are smaller rural areas that may not be covered. So be careful.

It looks like the new phone will not be available until October 22, 2008.

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