In the October issues of PC World they have listed Easy Duplicate File Finder, as their tool of the month. In essence the tool will find and locate duplicate files that are no longer needed and free up hard disk space. Sounded good to me so I download a copy, which is a freebie.

I ran EDFF and the scan of my system was fairly quick. But what came up was somewhat disturbing. The program indicated that there were 6,000+ dupluicate files using approximately 105+ MB of hard disk space. Interesting. Being the conservative person that I am, I opted not to fix the dups. Instead I fired up Clary Utilities which also has a duplicate finder, ran it, and the program found only 6 duplicate files.

So I ran the program again with the same results. Again, being a big chicken I didn’t do anything with the dups.

What I would like to know is this. Has anyone tried this program? When you deleted the dups, did you experience any problems?

Let us know.

Comments welcome.

Source for download is here.