Buy a new refrigerator and get network connected via Cisco hardware to control how your futuristic appliances will function. This 22nd century innovations promises to make life easier ala The Jetsons by having our hand held devices control our appliances and even program an oven to download a recipe to. According to the PC World article, Cisco & Whirlpool have joined forces. It also states:

Cisco Systems and Whirlpool Thursday announced their plan to develop a complete line of networked home solutions stocked with Internet-ready products and services, which are now only prototypes. Cisco launched its Internet home platform at the Consumer Electronics Show here this week.

If you want a window into the future, then CES is definitely the place. Whirlpool’s major home appliances won’t start rolling out until the end of this year, although a full line of products is currently in development.

“We focused on looking at consumers and their habits and behaviors,” says Philip Pejovich, Whirlpool vice president of corporate technology and engineering development. “The dual-income household has a lot of pressure in terms of time.”

It makes one wonder if due to current economic down turns, if this will be something that will sell. Oh…. I forget. The rich never seems to get hurt when things get bad, it is just us poor slobs who work for a living and get to pay taxes to bail out crooks and thieves. 🙁

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