As we get closer to the release of Windows 7 beta, which may become available in December 2008, several rumors are floating around as to what W7 will be. Microsoft seems to be taking a different approach in the next release, by actually removing some components that people may not use, i.e., Windows Live Mail, photo management, movie making software with Live applications from the Internet. It would appear that the thinking is to avoid government scrutiny and also to lightened the load on Windows 7.

But will this be enough to make Windows 7 attractive as a replacement operating system? Well some of the new features that may make Windows 7 more attractive is a new and improved calculator. WOW! I’m excited. How about this. Wordpad to look more like Word. These are some of the improvements that allegedly may be incorporated in Windows 7.

What is surprising is that Microsoft states Windows 7 is going to be a major release. This usually indicates that there may be more to Windows 7 than we currently are privy to. Hopefully when the first beta hits the streets we may learn more. But as of right now everything be written about the new OS is purely guess work.

I am hopeful that between now and when Windows 7 hits the street at the end of next year, that Windows 7 will be a vast improvement over Windows Vista. Only time will tell.

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