Google is once again pounding heads at the FCC, once again requesting that ‘white space’ spectrum should be opened for wireless access. It seems that the FCC has been investigating the use of ‘white space’ for 5 years and it now needs to say yea or nay to the proposal. Google states that opening ‘white space’ will benefit all consumers and allow for affordable high speed Internet.

On their blog Google states:

Finally, Larry addressed the ways in which TV broadcasters and wireless microphone companies have unfortunately injected politics into the FCC’s testing process, referring to August tests at FedEx Field just outside of D.C. and at the Majestic Theater in New York City. Those tests were intended to assess whether white space device prototypes could sense the presence of wireless microphone signals. However actions suggest that wireless microphone operators actually transmitted not on their normal channels but instead on channels occupied by TV broadcast signals.

This one statement says it all:

The time for discussion and testing is coming to a close, and the time for action is now.

I believe that we all realize the importance in the ability to open ‘white space’ for all consumers to be able to access the Internet at a reasonable cost. So what is holding this up from approval by the FCC? My guess is politics as always.

What do you think?

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