I read an article over at ZD Net this morning that indicates that some companies seem to think that Google’s Chrome browser is a security risk. Though nothing specific is being mentioned, it appears that someone, some where may be trying to take the shine off of Chrome. Or is it a real security risk?

It is difficult to say, beacuse every browser has had problems. Just yesterday Mozilla issues 5 security updates for Firefox. What does this tell us? That all browsers have their moments and one browser should not be singled out for condemnation. The article also stated that:

It is wrong to evaluate Chrome as you would a new TV show. It is wrong to consider it solely in terms of Google because, like Firefox, this is an open source product subject to the open source process.

FWIW – Chrome is still in beta [testing] and its main purpose is not to currently replace your browser of choice. I believ that Google has other plans for Chrome and is just letting us use it to iron out any bugs.

But what do you think?

Comments welcome.

ZD Net source.