Isn’t it funny how our perception of money changes as we grow older? When we were young, a few dollars could go a long way, and if you had a small amount of cash, you felt like you could do anything. However, when you become an adult and start paying these exciting things that we refer to as bills, having a few dollars isn’t nearly as compelling as it used to be. For many of us, the allowance that we received as kids was our first taste of managing money. The financial lessons that are taught at a young age last a lifetime, and it’s important for parents to instruct their children properly in this matter. Zefty will assist them with this. 

Kids will love Zefty because it works like a virtual bank account for their allowance. Once their parents have established an account for them, a youngster can see how much money they have, discover how long they’ll need to save their allowance until they can purchase the items that they want, and even print out ZeftyChecks that entitle them to receive money from their parents. I wish I could have used something like this when I was a kid.